Fitness To Work

Nightworker Medical – Nightworker medicals must be offered by employers to all employees who perform nightworking on a yearly basis. This is where staff regularly work at least 3 hours during the night period of 11pm – 6am. SOH vanilla – Occupational Health can provide annual Nightworker medicals / health assessments to determine if an employee is fit to undertake night work and assess whether the work will have an effect on their health. Assessments can be completed in a paper or face to face format. Any assessments will be completed at a time that allows the minimum of disruption to the workforce.

On Employment Screening – we are able to assess or complete employment medicals on new employees as part of your on employment or post recruitment process. This ensures that reasonable adjustments are in place to ensure management of any underlying health conditions the employee may have that could affect their ability to work. Depending on your specific requirements SOH vanilla – Occupational Health can complete the assessments by paper, telephone or face to face. Any recommendations will be provided in line with The Equalities Act 2010.